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Walking full circle to celebrate our ancestral foodways and lifestyles.
Regina Aguilera (Yaqui) MS, LAc, FDN, CHEK
Founder of Native Paleo, Wellness Class Trainer
Thosh is a board member of Native Wellness Institute. His upcoming project is a campaign promoting health, nutrition and fitness from an indigenous perspective. “It will look like a fitness campaign but with a modern Native edge,” he explains. Although Collins is often on the road, either driving across state lines or sitting on international flights, he finds strength through the people he meets. They have entrusted him to represent them accurately. He feels responsible for the image he captures and disseminates. Through each print and digital image, Collins is countering the decades of misappropriation. His resolve is steadfast. As a Native photographer, the camera is his tool and mirror.

Native Health specialties and interests Native health, functional medicine, acupuncture, massage, real food/paleo/ancestral diets.
Andrea Culbertson, MS, RD, CDEP
Nutrition Education Consultant, Author of Picture Real Food,
Native Paleo Website Designer
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Website: Thoshography
Thosh Anthony Collins (Salt River Pima Maricopa)
Fitness Specialist, Photographer
Regina is the founder of Native Paleo~Functional Nutrition & Fitness. She is a Board Member of Native Wellness Institute, a national non-profit Native organization that focuses on wellness related issues. Through the need of Native people to reclaim their health and fitness, Native Paleo was born. Regina utilizes the combined philosophies of Native and Eastern cultures to encourage holistic wellness and balance. She is widely sought after as a presenter, bringing her knowledge to Native communities across the United States. She works with groups and individuals of all ages promoting healthy lifestyles, exercise/relaxation techniques and mind/body fitness.
Andrea is the founder of Nutrition Arts, a multi-cultural nutrition education resource in Northern California. With great cultural respect and a shared background in historical grief, she has helped tribes to revitalize ancestral food, fitness, and lifestyle practices. She has created several key learning tools and designed and facilitated thousands of collaborative classes that speak to the hand, heart, head, and the higher spirit.

Andrea draws from cultural practices she has experienced throughout the world on family travels and stays. She loves working with motivated groups to create balance in their lives, an achievement that they can proudly pass on to their family and larger  community.

Native Health specialties and interests REAL Food Nutrition Education, Paleo/Primal/Ancestral Health Education, Graphic Design, Breastfeeding inspiration, Attachment Parenting, NVC, Indigenous Cultural Practices, Travel, Languages.

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