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Walking full circle to celebrate our ancestral foodways and lifestyles.
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Deep Food: Healing Through Heritage
Interview with Valerie Segrest, Muckleshoot

“Native peoples are resilient. We are organizing to reverse the damage produced by centuries of historical trauma and structural violence. Today, we are witnessing the emergence and florescence of a pivotal movement involving the recovery of ancestral food crops, wild plants, and heritage cuisines.
This is what I call “deep food” to distinguish it from the “local” and “slow” food because this is about the recovery of the deeply rooted ancestral foods and food ways of the First Peoples.” For the full article, go here.

“New studies in nutrition science and anthropology of food are demonstrating that we can eliminate the debilitating negative health outcomes, such as from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses, by promoting first foods and heritage cuisines.”     -Devon G. Peńa

For the full article, go here.

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